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Aaargh!… it’s the Header Monster

Aaargh!… it’s the Header Monster

It lurks in the shadows, bigger than Godzilla and more terrifying than the Blob. It sucks the life out of your site, ravenously consuming screen space. It’s… the Header Monster.

I often spot ludicrously large headers when browsing business sites, and it really makes me cringe. When I’m at work, these headers take up between a third and a half of the screen. When I’m out and about with my netbook, they take up the whole screen. I shudder to think what these sites look like on a mobile browser.

Giant headers have a lot in common with the old B-movie screen monsters like Godzilla and the Blob. For one thing, all of these are unnaturally large. For another, they’re universally destructive. On the silver screen, these monsters consume or wreck everything in their path. On the back-lit computer screen, they do much the same thing, consuming space and wrecking your low bounce rate.

A giant header is an incredible waste. Given that you have a limited amount of space to convince Internet users to explore your site, presenting a large header is like yelling your business name for the first ten seconds of a TV ad.

Design is an important part of search engine optimisation. It contributes to an Internet user’s decision to stay on your page, which is also another major concern for SEO. A major part of your site’s profit can rest on this. You only have a certain amount of screen space to make use of, so use it wisely.

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