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A website’s success relies on its content

A website’s success relies on its content

Written content is read by search engines, and SEO relies on this. The same content is read by human visitors, and if the words were missing many sites would be impossible to use. In spite of the fact that most websites depend on text, content and article writing services are only used by a minority. This means that, although professionals are usually hired to design and build a website, writing is often carried out by amateurs.

Stating that content is of primary importance is not the same as saying that design is unnecessary; the two need to work together. Although it can appear that some designers lean towards making text unreadable, words without any design at all could be just as difficult to comprehend. Impenetrable blocks of text with no meaningful arrangement on the page can prove as unfriendly to the eye as over-designed bright green text on a red background.

Content allows sites to be found and used in an accessible manner. Users are able to alter the size of text or hear it spoken aloud using screen reading software. This is impossible with images alone, even if they have been designed to resemble words. Text enables sites to be used efficiently. Through reading, visitors understand how to carry out various activities on a site. Buying, subscribing, downloading and so on are all facilitated by carefully chosen phrases. Using a professional SEO copywriting service is a wise move. When their words are combined with a sympathetic design, success is sure to follow.

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