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A quarter of young people lost interest in social media

A quarter of young people lost interest in social media

New research conducted by Gartner, suggests that a quarter of young people are using sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter less than they did previously. Many of the people who use social media sites less often, cite boredom as the main reason.

The survey was conducted by Gartner in December 2010 and January 2011, questioning over 6000 users of social media aged 18 to 29, from 11 countries. Out of all the users, 24 percent used the sites less now than they did initially. However, 37 percent said they used social media more now than they had previously.

The research found that users across all groups interacted with their favoured social media site only once a month, despite the strong public focus on social networking sites. The group who claimed to use the sites less often, gave reasons which include privacy concerns and the superficial nature of online friendships. Most of the users of social media spent most of their time looking at other people’s photos, with Facebook having the largest collection of photographs worldwide. The number one rival for photo collections is Picasa, owned by Google.

The chief executive of Ceros digital marketing company, Paul Fifield said:

“If consumers are presented with content that they’ve already seen before, they’ll quickly lose interest.”

Social networking sites play an important role in any SEO campaign, whether the company is in Yorkshire or Cheshire. Social media strategies often play a role in search engine optimisation techniques.

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