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A niche approach to content marketing

A niche approach to content marketing

Is your target audience hard to reach? Not everyone is so good with technology, so how do you engage with them? Niche marketing may be the answer.

A niche marketing strategy is all about focusing your content in a highly specialized area. Even with an unlimited budget, you will never make everyone happy. You’ll probably not even be able to please most people. What you can do, though, is please some people, even on a tight budget.

Think about something that a subset of your target audience is interested in, something specific that can’t be broken down further. Are there any existing resources for this interest? If so, can they be improved upon?

Once you find your niche, you’ll need quality content like website newsfeeds and how-to articles – lots of them. If you’re willing to do the team management yourself, you could recruit freelancers to generate your content. Finding reliable freelancers can be a challenge, however, and they frequently move on to better paying jobs.

To relieve some of the management burden, you could outsource to a news writing service or website copywriting agency. These companies usually have a pool of existing writers that work for them, so they will quickly be able to match you with suitable writers for your niche. They also usually have quality control processes in places, so the individual mistakes of writers are caught and corrected.

Once you have a good amount of content online, use analytics to see what’s resonating with your audience. If you see that your audience is hungry for a particular type of content, why not feed them some more of it? Remember, you are operating in a niche, so don’t expect millions of hits. Focusing your limited resources in this way, though, may enable you to reach a fair-sized audience.

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