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A Christmas appeal for websites

A Christmas appeal for websites

I’m here today to tell you about little Dot. Dot started out life as any other healthy little website. Her owner spent hours designing her, pandering to her every need, getting everything just right for her launch. Her owner even spent some time implementing SEO techniques so that the search engines would come and play. After a while, though, Dot’s owner got bored, and found other things to do.

Dot’s story is not a unique one. Today, there are millions of abandoned websites, alone and starving for attention, stranded on the Internet. They can’t care for themselves.

Many owners don’t realise that websites need constant attention and care. Not unlike puppies, if left alone they fade away. Unlike puppies, there is no organisation to look after abandoned websites, and no neighbours to complain.

It’s true that perhaps Dot’s owner didn’t get bored. Site owners are busy people, and it’s entirely likely that Dot’s owner, like many business owners, felt that Dot could care for herself. Without an owner’s attention, however, Dot’s connection with the search engines slowly dwindled, her rankings went down, and Internet users lost interest.

Perhaps you feel deeply for Dot. Perhaps you commiserate with her plight, being an attentive site owner yourself. Perhaps you feel you could give her owner some tips on how to maintain search engine optimisation techniques.

Or, perhaps, there’s a site out there that already has a connection to you. Dig deep, and search your heart to give generously… in the form of attention to your site.

Remember, a website is for life, not just for Christmas.

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