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Give and receive

90% of customers will share their email for an incentive

Give and receive

90% of customers will share their email for an incentive

A Google study has found that most customers are willing to provide their email to a business if they have something to gain from it, like discounts or free samples.

The study was conducted by Google and Boston Consulting Group found that 90% of customers will share their email for an incentive. The study was an attempt to gain an insight into data sharing between consumers and marketers with a common ground.

When marketers are collecting data, there are many regulations that affect how much of it they can gather, including privacy regulations, especially when consumers are becoming more conscious about the data businesses are holding about them.

Even though these regulations are affecting how much data marketers can collect, there is a desired endpoint for both the marketer and the consumer which – that relevant advertising is being sent to consumers by marketers, and that consumers only want to get advertising that is relevant to their personal interests.

The research also found that 65% of consumers are annoyed by non-relevant advertising and that 74% of consumers would only want advertising that is relevant to them, but how can this goal be achieved, and how can businesses gain the information they need to be able to effectively target their target consumer?

To enable marketers to only target consumers who are interested in the products or services they are advertising, marketers must gather some information about who they want to target. Customers know that and are willing to provide some information, and are more willing to provide data that is not invasive or that can give away who they are.

The study recommends that businesses should focus on the following:

• Building trust with consumers by making sure that your business is transparent on how the data you are collecting is being used
• Using third-party data to create great experiences. Increase first-party data collection by providing an incentive to your target consumer in return for them providing non-invasive data
• Build a company that is data-centric and respects privacy,redeveloping how your business processes data and shifting from third-party data to first-party data collection

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