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87% of UK website owners admit sites full of errors

87% of UK website owners admit sites full of errors

A study conducted by Magus, an organisation involved in monitoring website compliance and governance, has revealed that a surprisingly high proportion of UK website owners believe their sites are riddled with costly mistakes. These errors, the web owners admit, are off-putting to customers and can cause significant reductions in the turnover of companies.

The study, which took place in November 2011, surveyed the owners and decision-makers involved in over 200 large UK websites. Only 13% of respondents felt confident in the content of their websites, with the remaining 87% admitting to errors that had cost their companies money.

Spelling mistakes accounted for 46% of the issues reported. One contributing factor to the issue of spelling mistakes was the problem of insufficient checking processes, with 22% of the companies using only manual quality checking and 5% not doing any quality checking at all. Spelling mistakes can plague all aspects of a website’s content, including both the fixed parts of the website and features such as blog and article writing.

Other issues reported in the study included problems with branding not being consistent, problems with usability and accessibility. The companies readily admitted that customer experience was an important factor in the success of their websites, and estimated that web errors could lose them 18% of their turnover. An earlier study, carried out by Tealeaf, estimated potential losses to be 24% of revenue, suggesting that website owners who don’t employ valid quality controls stand to lose profits.

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