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3 tips for using reviews for SEO

3 tips for using reviews for SEO

Links are difficult to get for your website. It’s a fact. There are some areas, however, in which it’s easier to get a link than in others. Review sites are one such area, and they have been a huge help for SEO experts for some time.

Review sites can be handy for search engine optimisation because they often allow a link to the reviewed site. If the review site has a good reputation, this link can be quite valuable. They also allow your business name to be associated with relevant keywords. On top of this, you get positive information about your site distributed around the net.

Here are some tips on using these review sites for SEO:

1. Encourage your site’s users to place the review. There’s nothing more shaming than being caught out placing your own review on a site. It happens all the time, and it’s difficult to recover from, reputation-wise. A lot of businesses take this option when trying to generate reviews as part of their off-page SEO plan, but there is a simple way to get genuine reviews: ask for them.

2. Think outside the box. It’s a good idea to go for the main review sites in your industry, but have a look at specialist sites as well. There should be a number of sites you can use as a resource. Don’t forget to look at the local angle as well – Google Local can be a good place to be featured.

3. Don’t overdo it. A lot of businesses get into trouble with review sites because every single review is 100% positive. This also looks very suspicious, and is even something that some SEO companies do for their clients, so beware of that too.

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