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007 gets a license to Tweet

007 gets a license to Tweet

Fast Show star and self-confessed James Bond nut Charlie Higson has taken to Twitter to mark the upcoming launch of Skyfall.

Higson’s challenge is to condense 12 original Ian Fleming novels onto Twitter. The 54-year-old said:

“I was asked to capture the essence of the books and tie them up and make them entertaining for someone who hadn’t read them.”

Each of the twelve books will be condensed into just one 140-character tweet.

Providing an example of what his followers can expect to see, the comedian released tweets summing up both the short story and the film versions of the last Bond film.

Clearly, the actor is not a fan. In surmising the short story, he tweeted:

“Host at dinner party in Nassau tells Bond that the boring couple were actually involved in a scandal. No car chase, no guns, no explosions.”

The film seemed to come in for a more focused attack:

“There’s a car chase, I think, a villain, I think, something about an opera & water supply. Posh hotel in desert blows up. Bring on Skyfall.”

Whether or not these tweets convey everyone’s feelings about Quantum of Solace, they do sum up the works. Indeed, many working in SEO may well be asking him for hints and tips on how to best condense their own copy.

Higson did admit that shortening work is harder than he thought it might be. Saying it was about getting the key elements across, he admitted his biggest achievement was realising that 007 was one character shorter than Bond.

The eagerly anticipated 23rd Bond film premieres in London tonight, October 23.

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