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“Pollroll” app launched by Ask.com

“Pollroll” app launched by Ask.com

New apps are being launched each day but the most recent mobile app to come from Ask.com is creating quite a buzz. “Pollroll” is the name of this new app and is all about creating polls and sharing the results gathered from them. According to Ask.com, Pollroll:

“is designed to facilitate the creation, distribution and sharing of poll questions and results.”

Users of this app will also be able to add comments and poll results can be easily shared on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Location polls do play their role in this app but it is also open to more general polls on a wide range of topics and subjects. This means polls such as “Where can I get the best pizza in Liverpool?” as well as random polls will be featured.

The upcoming SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas is where this app is going to be tested so those at Ask.com can see how people take to polling. SXSW is a favourite for the launch of new apps like this and for other products too.

The development of mobile apps is once again a reminder to us all of the growing importance of mobile search and that our SEO campaigns must now take into consideration these types of searches. Mobile search is only going to increase in the years to come and so search engine optimisation campaigns must be ready for this for sites to be ranked highly in the search results on mobile phones too.

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