Bing turns up the travel heat on Google

Posted on October 2, 2011


Just as Google launched its new Google Flights feature, Bing turned up the heat with the addition of new action buttons. The quick links will be featured on the right-hand side of results for searches such as flights and car rentals, allowing users to quickly access contact and booking options. The addition makes a good complement to Bing’s Bing Travel feature, which provides users with fare estimates, flight times and advice on when to buy tickets.

The move comes swiftly on the heels of Google’s own travel venture, the Google Flights search option, which was launched on September 13. The new Bing buttons could very well help the company retain its travel edge, particularly as its competitor is still working out the kinks of its own travel search site.

Buttons featured will vary depending on the search performed, but those likely to come up for a search on flights include check in, flight status and booking functions. The buttons will also appear for other common task-oriented searches, such as software download sites.

Bing’s Program Manager, Deepak Vijaywargi, stated that the Bing’s algorithm had been adjusted to provide corresponding links for a site when given categories are searched for. This could impact on the SEO industry in terms of strategies for the grouping of keywords. It remains to be seen whether site owners will be able to take advantage of the change in their search engine optimisation plans, highlighting ‘book now’-type keywords when users search for ‘flights to Liverpool’, for example.

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