Bing releases new app update to improve voice search

Posted on June 21, 2013


With its latest update for the Bing app, Microsoft has promised Windows phone users a number of improvements to its voice-based search options, including faster speeds and greater accuracy.

In a recent blog post, the speech team at Bing said that, over the past 12 months, its members have worked closely with Microsoft Research to solve some of the issues surrounding voice activated search.

The team reportedly worked on a new, more advanced approach referred to as Deep Neural Networks, or DNN, to implement the improvements to speed and accuracy.

Inspired by the way neurons function in the brain, the DNN system detects patterns in human speech to better replicate the way in which we listen to – and ultimately, interpret – a voice.

While not expected to impact directly on the SEO decisions of marketers, the speech team at Bing claimed that with the update in place, search results will be posted twice as fast and with around 15% greater accuracy.

Bing wrote in the post that the DNN update is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the company’s plans for improving voice and speech capabilities.

In a different blog post, Rob Knies of Microsoft Research said that improvements to the DNN-fuelled system are ongoing, as scientists continue pushing research into the “expanding frontiers” of DNN.

The updated Bing app will also be able to recognise a user’s voice better when they are situated in a crowded area such as a bar or restaurant.

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