Bing adds seven new autosuggest categories

Bing adds seven new autosuggest categories

Microsoft’s search engine recently got a significant overhaul with the expansion of a feature designed to make it easier to use.

Brought in to further help users get what they’re after from their searches, new autosuggest categories cover topics such as albums, films, places, brands, software, animal species and sports teams.

The topics are run by technology called ‘Satori’ and the algorithm allows Bing to easily differentiate between the various meanings of a single keyword.

One example Bing uses to explain the advantages of the autosuggest cues is the search term ‘pitbull’. As the search engine doesn’t know if the user wants pages relating to the rap artist or the breed of dog, it will offer a list of autosuggestions and display thumbnail images for both the dog and the rapper.

This is just one of a number of changes that Bing has introduced over the last two years. In 2011, the search engine brought in a new back-end focussed infrastructure for its search tool to offer users more relevant results in less time.

Last year, the company redesigned its search engine, which included a ‘Sidebar’ that complemented the standard searches with relevant results lifted from a user’s social networks.

Bing, previously called MSN Search, Live Search and Windows Live Search, was launched in 2009 and has increased its market share over the last 12 months. As Bing reported a market share of 17.4% in May this year – a significant rise from its 13.4% share in May 2012 – SEO marketers will likely be paying closer attention to the search platform.

Richard is a Web Content Editor at Engage Web. He has had work published in a number of independent magazines and spends much of his spare time writing short stories.

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