Bill Gates quits Facebook amid scores of Friend Requests

Bill Gates quits Facebook amid scores of Friend Requests

Everyone who joins Facebook for the first time goes through the same initiation ceremony of being inundated with request to ‘find the name of your next love’ or ‘battle it out with ninjas v pirates’. Depending on whether you’re an absolute chav from MySpace or not depends on whether you accept and add every single one of these applications to your Facebook profile, making it the undecipherable behemoth that it becomes.

You’ll also be inundated with ‘friend requests’ from people you may know, people you work with and people who you’ve never met. Again, if you’re an avid MySpace user you’ll add all of them thinking that the more friends you add, the more popular you are in real life.

You’re not alone in this though, as Microsoft supremo and possibly the most famous nerd in the world, Bill Gates, also gets inundated with spam on Facebook, so much so that he’s called time and quit the social networking website.

I had 10,000 people wanting to be my friends,” he told the audience at a conference in India. Mr Gates said it took him a long time to go through his list of friend requests, trying to remember which people he did and didn’t know.

It was just way too much trouble, so I gave it up.

Bill Gates revealed that he’s not as much of a nerd as you might think; he reads the printed word quite a bit and doesn’t use his Microsoft Windows Mobile to text message friends and colleagues.

I read a lot and some of that reading is not on a computer. I’m not that big at text messaging.

Gates also warned that sites like Facebook and other technology innovations could prove wasteful to businesses in lost man hours.

Would that also apply Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Bill?

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