Be selective when tweeting

Posted on July 10, 2011


Twitter can be an excellent social media tool as a part of a larger search engine optimisation plan, but it can also be a danger. When you’re concerned about your online reputation, it’s a good idea to come up with some guidelines for any staff using Twitter.

There have been a number of reputation disasters on Twitter. Some of them you’re probably already aware of, such as the salesman who tweeted his true opinion of his company’s home town. Not all reputation disasters on Twitter happen with a big bang, however. Some of them happen with a whimper.

Take John Cusack, for example. Cusack is possibly the most lame celebrity tweeter ever. His tweets run along the lines of random thoughts, rather than insightful comments on a celebrity life. Like many Twitter users, Cusack seems to have taken the ‘tweet’ idea a little too much to heart, telling the world about every small thought that seems to occur to him. The consequence of this is that a man who appears intelligent on screen comes off as deeply, deeply uninteresting on Twitter.

This kind of tweet activity can be just as damaging as an outright scandal. It undermines your activity, meaning you’re wasting valuable search engine optimisation time.

Loss of reputation on Twitter doesn’t have to involve a night out and too many martinis. It can be a simple case of losing your audience. Your Twitter campaign needs as much planning and rule-making as any of your broader social media and SEO jobs. Set out some guidelines, and do some content planning before you plunge ahead.

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