Be flexible with your keywords for SEO

Be flexible with your keywords for SEO

There can be no such thing as a perfect keyword list. No matter how well-researched your SEO plan, the behaviour of your users, and that of the search engines, are such chaotic factors that refining down the most important keywords to your industry is an impossible task.

Once you face this fact, selection of keywords actually becomes easier. There is nothing worse than focusing intensely on certain words for your entire optimisation campaign, launching your site, waiting for results… and waiting some more. If you are flexible with your approach to keywords, it’s much easier to test and solidify your strategies in the latter stages of your search engine optimisation.

Some companies are rigidly attached to their devised keyword list, meaning that they miss out on the many opportunities afforded by good keyword research. It is vital to be open to new terms when you’re first building a keyword list for your site. Few businesses are completely aware of all of the words their customers or clients use in relation to their industry. A broad-ranging list is one of the reasons to consult an SEO agency, at least during your research stages.

Keywords may also change over time. The way in which Internet users use keywords changes, with the reordering of words altering a key phrase every so often. New terms also come along, and words gain popularity in an industry that were previously at the bottom of the pile. All of this has an impact on how your keywords should be treated over time, and reveal how important it is to maintain your SEO methods.

Your keyword list won’t need altering every second week, but it does pay to watch out for new terms over time. New terms do come along. Cultivate a flexible attitude, and be prepared for the changes that are just down the track.

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