Avenues to market – a strategy using content

Avenues to market – a strategy using content

Very recently, for one of our clients, we have been testing many different avenues to find them even more success.

We have done this with several content solutions – video, images, unique content (of course), and external content placement.  What is external content placement you say?

Well, lets take an industry.  In that industry, several sites will be competing for the top 20 positions, just like any other.  However, in a lot of industries, there are several sites such as Gumtree and VivaStreet to name two, that regularly appear in the rankings.

What we have done for our clients is to place their brand – via unique content of course – on those sites to increase the footprint that they have in Google rankings.

Now this is a very good thing for us to do on behalf of our clients as it helps them to appear twice or three times for a given search phrase.  Thats nice…

But wait, theres more…for the very same client, we used the video that we had created for them, and placed it on those sites too, embedding it from Youtube, where the videos reside.

So, not only do we have our client appearing several times in the top 10-20 of Google results, those same gumtree listings and general external content placements also have links and videos that are giving both their site and their Youtube pages extra ranking points!

Does it work well?  It works AMAZINGLY well !!!!

So, be clever with your content placement on external sites.  Be clever, work hard producing good, unique content and you could have a really strong solution for your site.

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