Attorney of Texas cheerleader criticised for poor grammar

    Posted on July 30, 2011


    A cheerleader’s lawyers have been criticised by a United States Judge for their poor use of grammar and spelling errors. The section 1983 suit by a former cheerleader at a Texas school was dismissed as a squabble which was instigated by a cheerleader’s mother when her daughter wasn’t selected to be in the cheerleading squad. Judge Jerry Smith went on to say that the case had no place in court. The judge then went on to criticise the lawyers of the cheerleader for their poor spelling and grammar.

    In footnote 13, the judge states that he would usually overlook the occasional error, but in this case there had been so many obvious errors, that Judge Smith felt obliged to point them out. He said:

    “Usually we do not comment on technical and grammatical errors, because anyone can make such an occasional mistake, but here the miscues are so egregious and obvious that an average fourth grader would have avoided most of them.

    “For example, the word ‘principals’ should have been ‘principles.’ The word ‘vacatur’ is misspelled. The subject and verb are not in agreement in one of the sentences, which has a singular subject (‘incompetence‘) and a plural verb (‘are‘).”

    The spelling and grammatical errors create the impression of carelessness and unprofessional attitude. The firm of lawyers could discover that they lose clients based on the opinion of the judge. A business website presents a similar image, as the quality of the copy creates an image. A professional writer from a reputable article writing company will create copy which is grammatically correct and engages the reader with articulate content.

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