Attempts at content writing may cause procrastination

Attempts at content writing may cause procrastination

Writing is often regarded as an easy task and, when setting up a new web project, it might seem like the ideal solution to create the content oneself. Unfortunately, as seasoned article writers will know, there is a hidden danger lurking known as procrastination.

The unwary writer may decide not to fight new-found urges to mow the lawn, tidy the kitchen cupboards or move onto other business focussed tasks. There might be an assumption that one is waiting for motivation to arise magically from the ether. Successful scribes could explain that this is actually the reverse of what needs to happen. Action is what is required, and only sitting at the keyboard and typing will produce the necessary spur, while waiting for the right mood to strike only leads to extremely tidy gardens and uncluttered cupboards.

Psychology tells us that there can be more to procrastination than meets the eye. Perfectionism and fear of failure can become so overwhelming that it becomes preferable to do nothing. Sometimes, a task can be so unrewarding that on balance it is not worth doing. On other occasions, one might feel forced into doing something by pressure from others and dragging one’s feet is less frightening than a confrontation.

A commonly overlooked reason is that one simply has no desire to do a particular task. Every time the work is approached, an uncomfortable feeling arises making almost any other chore more appealing. It might be wiser to employ professional content writers who are already motivated and understand how to optimise their writing for SEO. This leaves more time for your procrastination!

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