Attack of the iPod people

Attack of the iPod people

Have you noticed anything strange over the last year or so? It started with people muttering to themselves. Then it was an increase of people walking into poles. Now, there’s a plague of citizens wandering the streets, their eyes transfixed on glossy dark screens, their hands seemingly melded to little black boxes. The Smartphone pod people are here.

People have been walking around attached to their mobile phones for a number of years now, so seeing someone talking to themselves in public is no longer such a strange sight. What is a strange sight, though, is the uniformity of those phones. Almost everyone now carries a Smartphone – and they’re using them to browse the net.

These handy dandy little phones may have turned just about everyone into an Apple fan, but what they’ve also achieved is an internet revolution. When customers are accessing the net while walking down Liverpool Lime Street, businesses need to take note.

Too few businesses are thinking about mobile SEO. It’s true that mobile browsing has yet to reach the point of no return, but that point really isn’t too far away. Mobile internet use is already a daily habit with thousands of people across the UK. When it becomes a standard form of access, your mobile site needs to be already up and going.

So next time you see a crowd of ‘smartphoners’ on the street, don’t run away. The lurching, texting hordes may not be pretty, but they are your customers. Think about putting mobile adaptation on your list of SEO jobs.

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