Article writing for healthy SEO

Article writing for healthy SEO

If a website is ailing, or just getting going, it may be effectively hidden in the millions of pages that make up the Web. Until people start to link to it, such a site is like a small island, cut off from the ebb and flow of web traffic, and difficult to discover unless by accident. Obtaining links to one’s site is not only beneficial for SEO, causing search engines to rate the site more highly, but also helps people to find it in the first place. Links can resemble helpful signposts, pointing the way to a place that would otherwise be hidden.

There are numerous ways of building links to a site, including writing articles which are published in special online article directories, together with a link to the originating site. The quality of such sites varies, as does the content, but by choosing the better ones and, most of all, by coming up with articles so invaluable that they are prized by readers, some useful links can be acquired.

The most difficult part of this equation is finding a subject that no-one else has covered, but there are many examples missing from the Web, perhaps because people tend to copy what they see around them, with popular topics becoming ever more so. The result of this is that there are many articles waiting to be written, with subjects effectively lying neglected in dusty attics in the furthest corners of the internet. A professional content writer offering article submission services could root out one of these topics for you.

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