Article writing for absolute beginners

Article writing for absolute beginners

Whenever we try something new, we are exposed to the possibility of failure. Failure should not be seen as something terrible, we should regard it as an integral part of the learning process. If we gave up each time we failed, many of us would never have learned to swim, for example. What most of us need is intelligent persistence. Article writing, like many other worthwhile activities, requires a degree of tenacity.

If you are writing one of your first articles for a website, even if it is your own website, then your first couple of articles are likely to make you feel somewhat anxious. This is to be expected, your work will be judged by readers and many people are a bit uncomfortable with that. You may also be unsure about your gifts. Uncertainty about what the website needs from an SEO perspective may also prove somewhat problematic. Doubts like these should not paralyse you. You have to realise that a large number of people in your position have had pretty much identical thoughts.

Do your research thoroughly and your knowledge of the topic will bolster your confidence. Plan what you want to say and divide your work into paragraphs or bullet points. Readers on the net like their blank space – writing for the web is different to writing on paper.

An imaginary writer in a novel by Albert Camus spent ages on perfecting his first sentence, get on with things and you will feel better.

Hiring professional content writers that are used to writing for the web and from an SEO perspective is an avenue many website owners prefer to explore and this can be used alone or in conjunction with your own article writing.

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