Article hosts suffer huge setbacks with Panda

Article hosts suffer huge setbacks with Panda

The international roll-out of Google’s Panda Update has hit article sites hardest, if reports of the first 48 hours are any sign. Also known as the Farmer Update, Panda is part of Google’s crack down on low-quality and duplicated content. With so many of their pages featuring previously published information, article hosting sites have lost a serious amount of visibility since Google updated its English language algorithm.

After the experiences of US-based article sites, it’s not entirely surprising that so many article sites have been affected by the international update, although there were a few surprises in store. Some sites unaffected by the US roll-out have suffered serious losses in rankings with the international version. One major presence in article hosting sites, eHow.co.uk, appeared to have weathered the storm with its US site, only to suffer a staggering 84% change in its site-wide UK rankings after the international Panda update.

A large number of sites who had their US-based operations affected by the US Panda release have also suffered internationally. This indicates that, despite the forewarning, either knowledge of SEO was too thin on the ground with such businesses, or they were unable to move swiftly enough to protect their international sites.

It is understandable that most affected sites will take some time to turn their fortunes around. Content takes time to assemble, and new content plans will take some time to take effect. The stories flowing in about Panda experiences, however, reinforce the prime place content has for all sites, whether in Cheshire or in California.

  • There’s a big stress all around internet marketers and search engine marketing practitioners related to Google Panda update. However There’s no doubt that that Google update just “washed” top rankings from Spam and article directory sites as well as autoblogs. White hat web optimization and high quality articles is not affected at all, I’m sure it is simply the contrary and great news for everyone who practise white hat search engine optimization.

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