Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

One thing that we have found at Stuck On is that if you are not comfortable with your content area, then you probably cannot do it justice.

When I say comfortable, I mean several things including your relationship with the client, your understanding of the subject that you are writing about and where you are located.

Firstly, having a good relationship with your client is crucial.  Getting under their skin to know what works and what doesn’t in their market is vital for a successful relationship.  Studying the market, finding out who is who and so on is also key when writing about a subject.  Having what we call ‘pillars’ at Stuck On makes for much better work.

Also, where exactly are your content writers based?  Are they at home with the kids or are they in an office, working together to write in a professional manner?

You would be surprised at just where some company’s content writers work from…

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