Are you a social media commitophobe?

Are you a social media commitophobe?

Do you get the chills when someone asks you to commit to Facebook? Do you ignore those ‘you have a reminder for LinkedIn’ emails that pop up with such desperate frequency in your inbox? Do you fail to return tweets? If you do these or a number of other things, you may be that fast-becoming reviled of beings, a social media commitophobe.

Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of all SEO careers. This is because so many internet users are involved in social media these days, and so much internet time is spent on these sites. Not only is participation in social media networks helpful to your search engine optimisation, it is becoming important for gaining attention in general.

There is a catch though. For social media to work for your business and your website’s optimisation, you need to commit to it. With social media, there is no dabbling. Simply calling in now and then, or trying to make up time to your followers with the digital version of a slap-up dinner in Merseyside’s finest restaurant, isn’t going to cut it. Social media followers demand constant attention, or they will ignore you utterly.

The truth of it is, if you are a social media commitophobe, or even just an ordinary, time-poor business owner, embarking on a social media campaign may not be the thing for you. Although there are many things to be gained from social media, be sure you can commit the time required, or ask your search engine optimisation company for help.

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