Are you a shark or a clown fish in SEO?

Are you a shark or a clown fish in SEO?

Nemo and BruceSharks are incredibly efficient animals. Everything about their bodies has helped them become the deadly predators they are, from their sharp serrated teeth right down to their sandpaper-like skin, which helps them move more swiftly through the water. It’s not just one thing about a shark that makes it so dangerous to its prey. It’s everything.

Your average shark is a lesson in nature about many parts moving together. This is something you need to pay attention to if you want your SEO to succeed.

A good SEO plan is one that doesn’t just concentrate on one area. Ignore areas of your website, and there’s no way that you will achieve as much as you could if all of your bases were covered. This is why good SEO involves a broad range of skills, where link building, content writing, and social media marketing are just as important as the ability to adjust code.

When planning your SEO campaign, it’s important to recognise that every little thing contributes. Just as a shark wouldn’t be quite so capable if it didn’t have its fins, and wouldn’t move quite so flexibly if it didn’t have a skeleton of cartilage, your search engine optimisation plan won’t work that well without all of the relevant areas cared for.

P.S. Clown fish are blameless little creatures whose main claim to fame before ‘Finding Nemo‘ was their cuteness. Hence, they are essentially irrelevant to SEO, other than being a nice counterfoil for the image of a shark in this article.

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