Are short-form videos coming to Google search results?

Are short-form videos coming to Google search results?

Google has announced that it is currently experimenting with different ways for short-form videos to show within search results more often.

In a recent ‘Search Off the Record’ podcast presented by Danielle Marshak, a Google Product Manager who manages videos in search results, there was a discussion on short-form videos and whether Google has any plans to implement them in search results.

What’s meant by “short-form”?

Marshak defined short-form videos as those that are five minutes long or shorter and recorded in a vertical aspect ratio. Shee added that this type of video format would allow you to communicate a wealth of information to searchers in the search results page.

The introduction of short-form videos boils down to Google stating that they can be useful for searchers, which is the primary goal of Google in its quest to provide quality information that is trustworthy.

What types of short videos would Google show in search results?

Marshak gave a notable example about how videos would be great for searchers who are looking for a food recipe as they could easily follow the steps while watching a short video. This would then give searchers useful, actionable tips.

In the podcast, Marshak even hinted that there is a large interest from Google’s Search Relations team who would like to record their own short videos to feature in search results. Could this mean that Google may share tips on how to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO)?

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