Apple iPhone launch sends world into frenzy

    Posted on September 29, 2015


    Apple has recently launched its latest iPhone product, the 6s, and it has the whole world waiting in anticipation.

    Across the globe, people queued outside of their respective retailers for hours – or days in some cases – before opening time after news filtered through that the product had completely sold out online prior to its official release.

    Australia was the first ‘launch country’ to see the devices available to buy due to time zone restrictions, and one woman used a robot (yes, a robot!) to queue up and purchase the product in her place. The robot camped outside of Sydney’s Apple store from the early hours of the morning and managed to secure a position towards the front of the queue, meaning the woman could wait out the time from the comfort of her own home and office, avoiding the unusually wet Sydney weather.

    The robot was essentially a tablet on a Segway, as it had an iPad featuring a real-time video of the customer’s face, attached to a pole on a wheel. The live video feed meant that Lucy Kelly was able to see what the robot was up to, control its movements, and even chat to other customers in the queue.

    Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus across 12 launch countries on Friday, September 25. These countries included Canada, the UK, Germany, the U.S. and even Puerto Rico. The new device features improvements to the previous model of the smartphone, as well as coming in the new Rose Gold colour.

    Alan Littler

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