Animation tool added to Adobe Spark

    Posted on September 8, 2020


    Adobe has added a new animation feature to Spark, a product of its Creative Suite.

    The Spark platform is used to create social media posts, and the ability to create animations was one of the most requested features to be added. Now released, animations are available on both the web and mobile versions of the platform.

    Lisa Boghosian, Product Manager of Spark, told Tech Crunch:

    “At Adobe, we have this rich history with After Effects. We wanted to bring professional motion design to non-professionals […] That’s really what Spark is for: you focus on your business and building that. We’ll help guide you into expressing building that base.”

    The new feature has been developed with user experience in mind. Spark guides users creating content, providing a variety of animated templates to get started. In addition, there is no timeline and no need to adjust the speed of the animation – Spark does it all for you.

    Once an animation is created, users can export the finished product as an MP4, or, if they wish, as a static image. Currently, exporting as a GIF is not available. The exportation process has been carefully developed in consideration of user experience, designed to be as fast and efficient as possible.

    Alongside the new feature for animations, asset sharing tools are also being improved across the Creative Cloud suite. This will allow for a much easier experience when moving images from Photoshop or Lightroom into Spark.

    Businesses should always strive to create a variety of engaging content, utilising the different forms available. Users are often more engaged with video and moving images as opposed to blocks of text, so the opportunity to easily create animations in Spark could be useful for many companies. If you need advice on creating a diverse range of content for your site or social media platforms, get in touch with our team at Engage Web and see how we can help.

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