Amazon forms shopping partnership with Twitter

Amazon forms shopping partnership with Twitter

Online retail giant Amazon has announced a partnership with social platform Twitter that would see a new feature introduced, allowing people to add items to their online basket by using a hashtag.

The website has revealed that shoppers can now link their Amazon account with their Twitter account, meaning that they can use the hashtag #ShoppingBasket (#AmazonCart in America) to add desired items to their trolley without having to leave the micro-blogging site.

The online retailer has confirmed that users do not have to worry about accidentally making purchases, as it is simply designed to save items to the shopping basket for later review – the stage where unwanted items can still be manually removed.

It has been suggested that this move is a potential method of attracting a new technology-orientated customer base, as these potential consumers seem to be spending more and more time browsing social media newsfeeds. A spokeswoman from Amazon has said:

“Twitter offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends.”

This latest development comes at a time when the American e-commerce company continues to launch new product ranges and services, such as Amazon Prime Instant video and Fire TV, as well as revealing plans to release its own offering in the potentially lucrative – and as of yet, relatively untapped – 3D smartphone market.

Should this be successful, the company may consider broadening its horizons and making this way of shopping accessible from other social networks.

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