Amateur versus professional writing

Amateur versus professional writing

A professional SEO copywriter is seen by some firms as an unnecessary expense, but using amateurs to create content is a precarious business. They might turn out to be undiscovered geniuses, turning out dazzling copy that engages and informs. More likely, though, lack of experience will lead to awkward prose, mistakes in spelling and grammar and an overall sense that the writing was carried out ‘on the cheap’.

Professionals will have spent the necessary hours mastering the basics of English. On top of that, they will have found ways to make their words flow, creating sentences with logical order and pleasing rhythm. Whereas an amateur might take on a job only to pull out inconveniently when the cat is ill, a professional understands the importance of deadlines and will deliver the work on time, even if that involves limping to the office with one leg in plaster.

Employing a professional ensures that the words on a website have a feeling of quality, adding to the perceived credibility of a business. Use of amateur content with its gauche and erratic style could suggest a company was struggling enough to ask the cleaner if he would mind quickly typing something for the homepage. Although on rare occasions the cleaner might turn out to be an unpublished but brilliant novelist, it is probably unwise to rely on this as a strategy.

In any case, an experienced content writer is not only skilled in the use of words but knows how to tailor them to suit a particular site.

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