Always write topical content based on events

Always write topical content based on events

One of the best methods for writing content is to take advantage of current events and dates. If you are writing about something topical, something current, then you will have more people searching for phrases relating to it.

For example, last weekend you could have written about Halloween. You could have mentioned how your business was celebrating Halloween, or how your staff were looking forward to it and were dressing up. Today you could write about Bonfire Night, mentioning how you and your company will be commemorating the day.

Topical subjects such as these often receive high search volumes around their dates, so by writing about them you can increase your chances of receiving additional traffic.

The same could be said of Christmas, New Year, Easter and even sporting or music events.

However you write about topical subjects, be sure to keep them relevant to your business. There’s no point writing about Bonfire Night without mentioning your industry.

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