Always optimise title tags for SEO

Always optimise title tags for SEO

Titles have an important place in search engine optimisation. The titles on your page tend to attract a lot of attention, both from Internet users and from search engine spiders. The same goes for your title tags, which are usually featured as the hyperlink in search engine results pages. Both of these need to be optimised as part of your standard on-page SEO plan.

Search engines rely on titles

Google’s spiders tend to gobble up the first piece of informative text they come across when they access your website, and this is always the title tag (assuming you even have one of course). This is then used as the link text in the SERPs, so it’s vital to spend some time crafting the right title for every page on your site. Remember that every page needs a different title tag, or else how can Google differentiate between the pages, and how will users know what is what they find your site in the SERPs?

Don’t overlook title tags

There has been a fair amount of debate in search engine optimisation circles about optimising meta tags. Early on, it was thought essential to optimise meta tags, as it was a way of communicating directly with the search engines. As some tags got devalued in the algorithm, some SEO experts decided that tags just weren’t bothering with.

Title tags, however, are an absolute must for your web pages. Too many companies leave their title tags exactly as their web designer left them, namely with the business name and nothing else.

Having ‘Joe Smith solutions’ as the title for every page may present a professional image, but it won’t do you much good in the search engine results pages. It’s far better to optimise each title tag with the keywords for that page.

As mentioned earlier, some businesses do worse and don’t even feature a title tag at all, resulting in their listing in the search engines appear as ‘Untitled Document’ – a cardinal sin in SEO.

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