Alleged ‘cockroach sandwich’ leads to online ad campaign

Alleged ‘cockroach sandwich’ leads to online ad campaign

A customer who supposedly found a cockroach in a sandwich purchased at Subway resorted to purchasing ads on social site Twitter in a bid to attract the attention of the multi-national restaurant chain.

Patrick Balfour, a resident of Toronto in Canada, purchased a foot-long turkey sub over a year ago and claims to have found an extra filling that he did not ask for – a dead cockroach. Upon discovery of this unwanted extra, Balfour naturally binned the sandwich as quickly as possible and went away to issue a complaint to the franchise.

The first complaint came about 11 months ago and was never responded to, so the Canadian persistently sent messages of complaint to the restaurant’s customer services department via phone and Twitter, but were all been rejected due to the fact that the incident cannot be confirmed with photographic evidence.

Following the rejection of his complaints, the Canadian gave up on his battle for some time, until he saw Subway Canada’s new internet marketing campaign involving the use of ads and promoted tweets on micro-blogging site Twitter. This prompted Patrick to fight promoted tweets with promoted tweets, and spend $90 of his own money to promote a tweet to get the franchise chain’s attention. He tweeted:

“I found a dead cockroach in my sub which I bought in Ontario. This tweet is being promoted! Do you care now @SubwayCanada? #Subway.”

Balfour has said that he:

“[…]shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to tell a story that they should want to hear.”

As of the time of writing, Subway Canada has not commented on this situation.

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