All Flash, no substance

All Flash, no substance

Flash Gordon Freddie
Freddie performs 'Flash'

There are a fair number of websites on the net that resemble bad takeaway food. You know the sort I mean, the kind that looks fairly tasty, even goes down pretty well, but leaves you feeling hungry half an hour afterwards. There are plenty of sites on the net that are all flash and no substance.

Having a good-looking, but substance-lacking, website can seem quite attractive. Web designers have been known to create these kinds of sites deliberately because their main concern is with design. When it comes to the Internet, however, it’s important to remember that looks are only a very small part of what attracts an audience. A site that fails to attract an audience will ultimately fail with the search engines.

If you’ve spent much time in SEO circles you’ll be familiar with the dangers of actually using Flash for search engine optimisation. Flash isn’t the only problem. As you review your site during search engine optimisation, look for areas that could do with a little bulking up. Boost your SEO content, and try to boost the amount of valuable information your site holds. It will all ultimately benefit your Google rankings.

Many sites that are lacking in substance get approached by SEO sales people, meaning that they get the attention that they deserve. There is a difficulty with this, however. By the time a search engine optimisation firm approaches you, it’s probable that your site is already in deep trouble. It’s far better to catch the problem before it affects your business.

Don’t let your website become a bad Chinese takeaway meal.

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