Alive and kicking grandmother told she is dead as Gransnet goes local

Alive and kicking grandmother told she is dead as Gransnet goes local

Visiting the Doctor’s is never a great deal of fun but, for Betty Levitt, it’s a deathly experience.

The 76-year-old grandmother is constantly told by the doctor’s reception that she is dead. Mrs Levitt, who has 15 grandchildren, said:

“Each time they promise they will do something about it. But the next time I go in, they put my name in the computer then look at me with a strange expression and say: ‘According to this, you’re dead.’”

The problem has gone on for three months already. However, there could be some support in the offing for the furious pensioner, as Gransnet launches its local online communities.

Nominet funding

The popular website for the over-50s is to use funding through the Nominet Trust fund to launch a community service in a number of locations.

The first areas to go live will be Edinburgh, Blackburn, Oxfordshire and Worthing.

Silver surfers

The new service, which will be administrated by local editors aged over fifty, is to provide local area information and support.

It is hoped the initiative will create more silver surfers. Recent Ofcom figures suggest that of the 7.5 million adults in the UK never to have been online, 40% are over 75.

Going it alone

Though key locations have been identified, Gransnet members have already set up shop in some areas. These include Liverpool and Leeds. It seems that the members know one or two things about internet marketing and SEO too, with founder Geraldine saying that the site has brought together people who were looking for support online, with members already arranging meetings.

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