Advertising for an ‘SEO Genius’

Advertising for an ‘SEO Genius’

When companies advertise for SEO staff they have to decide what they’re looking for. Are they looking for someone who can learn SEO, but has a technical grounding in programming languages, perhaps a graduate? Or, are they looking for someone who knows SEO and has experience of the industry?

Perhaps they’re looking for someone highly skilled in SEO, who has experience of heading up SEO campaigns, introducing new SEO practices and who also follows the industry, keeping abreast of new developments. This last requirement is what a recent job spec we saw advertising for an SEO genius seemed to be looking for.

They appeared to want someone who knew the industry inside out, someone who not only knew SEO, but knew what was coming. The advert asked for someone understood tomorrow’s SEO technologies, not just today’s.

The advert went on to ask for someone who had experienced big wins in very competitive markets and who knew how to use social media to its fullest.

We thought this sounded interesting. Perhaps the company advertising for this ‘SEO genius’ also understands what it means to be a true SEO.

However, the advert turned sour when they also asked that this ‘SEO genius’ had commercial PPC experience… and possibly some experience with developing iPhone applications.

Maybe a degree in French and some chef’s qualifications would be good as well? We jest, but the point is a solid one. SEO is SEO, PPC is PPC. While yes, you will find people with experience in both industries, if you wish to advertise for an ‘SEO genius’, someone who knows the industry backwards and will be able to lead you forward into a new age of search engine optimisation, don’t ask for someone who also knows PPC… and how to develop applications for a phone!

You’ll end up with the usual jack of all trades, master of none. SEO knowledge and PPC knowledge are very different, with different sets of rules (although the rules for both often change). To utilise both SEO and PPC, you need experts at both disciplines – not someone who can ‘have a go’ at both.

  • I agree 100%. An SEO Company can have several people, who each specialize in specific areas, but it is difficult for one person to know all there is to know about SEO, Marketing and Sales and be a Programmer.

    For instance; My personal strong suits are creating successful online marketing strategies, writing optimized content that converts leads and sales and Business Blog Management.

    It has taken me 15 years on the web to get good at just three things. When someone tells me they are an expert in all aspects of SEO, it makes me suspicious.

    I surround myself with people who have skills in other areas and that lets me provide most of what a client needs.

    I’d like to meet an SEO Genius who also programs applications for iPhones and does programming. If they can cook too I might marry them.

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