Henry R Davis

    When it occurred to me that I could pay someone to write the content for me, I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture the feel of the website that I wanted to portray. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

    After discussions with the Engage Web team, we agreed on a brief and all I had to do was send over details of the what I wanted. The team came up with the content regarding who HRD are, what we do and why we do it.

    I also sent bullet points of information regarding the staff for their biographies. I wanted them to show the accountant for the person they are and not for what they can do as an accountant. All the staff are really pleased with the content and have all agreed, they never could have written something like that themselves.

    So, what have a learnt from working with Engage Web:

    1. Its far more cost effective to pay someone who is good at what they do, rather than try and do it yourself.
    2. I will be using Engage Web again to look after my social media.
    3. After reading my dogs profile, she has a far more interesting life than I do.
    4. One of my staff members has their own Wikipedia page.

    I look forward to recommending Engage Web to all who need them.


    We have worked with:

    TEL: 0345 621 4321