Mark Glenning

Personality Type: ENTJ

Scouser-turned-Canadian Mark would face a 9,000-mile round commute from British Columbia to West Cheshire every weekday if he were office based, so it’s just as well he’s so adeptly set up to work from home!

An experienced editor with a razor sharp eye for detail, musical Mark is as much at home in front of a computer keyboard as a Moog one, and the synthesizer is very much his instrument of choice. In fact, he often whiles away the cold Canadian nights performing or tinkering with his own modular synthesizer.

Mark finds his role as Senior Editor enjoyably challenging and educational, believing that you never stop learning, and his North American knowledge and experience comes in handy with our U.S. and Canada-based clients!

Away from work, he’d love to adopt rescue dogs and change lives for the better through philanthropy. He works hard to raise money for school music education programs, and would like to help other good causes.

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