Lianne Wilkinson

Lianne Wilkinson

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Lianne says: “Growing up I watched my dad’s two businesses fail because he didn’t seek advice. My dad was always working or tired, and it cost him his marriage as well. Today I value advice in my business and a work-life balance. I value working smarter not harder. My business gives advice and delivers online marketing strategy to help clients grow their business. This gives them their life back, giving them time to spend with their families. This is why I do what I do.”

Company co-founder Lianne Wilkinson was already a marketing veteran when she founded Engage Web in 2009. Beginning her career in the more traditional marketing and advertising industry, Lianne made the jump to the world of online marketing with PPC management and, from there, it was a very short step to the world of technical R&D, particularly focusing on SEO and content management, planning and creative online advertising strategies. In 2009, her marketing management and formidable planning skills founded Engage Web.

Lianne’s extensive experience of a number of fields within Internet marketing and its various interrelations as well as a lifelong love of learning brings a wealth of business knowledge to the work done here at Engage Web. This enables Lianne to look at our client approaches with a broad view of how a user’s attention is directed online. This is a large contribution to ensuring Engage Web’s marketing strategies look to the wider scheme of things for your website.

Notable achievements:

  • Awarded coveted place on Goldman Sachs’ 10KSB programme. Now active alumni member at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Finalist in Morgan Foundation Best New Business of the Year award

With knowledge of Computing with Systems Practice, Lianne backs up her extensive experience with a sound knowledge of the intricacies of web technology. Combine this with specialisations in PPC, content strategies, Internet marketing through search engine optimisation, and client management as well as general business, and you can see why working with us at Engage Web is the right move for your website’s online marketing plan.


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