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Darren Jamieson


Darren Jamieson

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Darren says: As a child, I dealt with Scoliosis, a spine condition that meant I walked differently to other kids and faced daily bullying. My need to be liked and make people laugh grew. I needed to be centre of attention on my terms. Now I mentor and train clients on how to improve their online presence, through websites, video, or social media, because I need to attract attention. Their success is my success; that’s why I do what I do now.”

Co-founder Darren Jamieson started his web career in the last century before Google was even a ‘thing’. His work on websites and affiliate networks in the 90s earned him the role of web designer at GAME, where he gained an important understanding of the needs of the client and the complexities of an industry-leading ecommerce website.

After leaving GAME, Darren worked for various digital agencies around the UK for clients such as Sony, the NHS, the Environment Agency and Manchester United (but don’t tell him we said that, he’s LFC all the way).

Over the years, Darren has worked with pretty much every type of content management system available, and has developed many of his own – including the ‘Writers’ System’ we use here at Engage Web to manage our global network of writers.

Darren’s desire to be ‘the centre of attention’ has stayed with him over the years, and he’s even won a Liverpool Comedy Festival award, raising money for Wirral Mencap while performing stand-up comedy.

It is within the field of search, online marketing and video where Darren really found his passion, all of which fall under the banner of digital marketing. Darren formulates the training and workshops Engage Web offers to help business owners understand how digital marketing is best done, how they can best grow their business on and offline, and runs our Business Fit Club, where our experienced mentors in all areas of business offer monthly keynotes, individual mentoring, and a host of other benefits.

Also the host of our Engaging Marketeer podcast, which debuted at #1 in Apple’s UK Marketing charts, Darren is available to speak at conferences, dinners, seminars and podcasts.


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