A-list stars with D-list grammar

Posted on July 22, 2013


We all realise that celebrities know how to exploit Twitter and, in many cases, they could probably teach companies how to optimise their own news feeds. However, one area where they certainly won’t be giving tips is in grammar and punctuation.

Whether typed too quickly, or just a matter of ignorance, the state of the language used by celebs online is truly poor. To highlight the point, recent research has analysed the online musings of 150 of the most followed celebrities.

Topping the list, or finishing a resounding last, depending on how you look at it, is Snoop Dogg.

The rapping actor who has certainly introduced some colourful words into pop culture, is not so hot with his language skills, averaging a whopping 30.9 mistakes per 100 words.

In example, a recent tweet from Mr Dogg said:

“salute 2 my guy @iamdiddy 4 his @RevoltTV partnership wit time warner cable @TWC !! every1 congratulate puff 4 bringn music bacc 2 tv !!”

There are clear mistakes here of course, which probably should not happen. Many will raise an eyebrow at the fact that researchers highlighted the use of numbers over letters as a mistake though.

In a list full of other R&B and hip hop stars, top names struggling to find their literary talent included Christina Aguilera, with 23.3 mistakes per 100 words. Our very own Wayne Rooney, with 21.4, made the hair-raising top 25 too.

The study also found the best ‘celebrity’ for Twitter accuracy, with Barack Obama averaging just 0.8 mistakes.

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