A Basic Web Strategy

A Basic Web Strategy

One of the things that I deal with a lot is web strategy for larger companies – we are talking those whose yearly spend online is closer to the millions than the thousands.  However some of the basic principles that I recommend to them are just as applicable to companies with a spend of almost nothing.

The main thing that I would recommend no matter the company would be the increase of content and pages on the site.  This can be really basic – for example the addition of extra pages of information about the company, to the more complex – adding industry news, or frequently asked questions or even an advice section.  The fact is that it doesn’t cost very much other than time to add new pages to a website, which means that all websites should be doing it.

As well as this, all companies that have websites should have some sort of idea where they want their website to be in a couple of years.  even if the website is just an afterthought, people will look at it, so time and effort does need to be made to keep it up to date and relevant if nothing else.

As I have said before and I will say again, web strategy is not about the money, but about who has the best plan and implementation.

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