Twitter sales chief urges internet marketing definition

Twitter sales chief urges internet marketing definition

UK companies have been warned that hastily organised internet marketing drives on social media platforms could risk being poorly delivered, potentially missing opportunities.

Cool and exciting

Twitter’s Sales Director, Bruce Daisley, said that clearly defining a campaign’s objective is far more important than responding to current trends. The UK sales director for the platform said:

“I would say to any brand thinking about using social media – decide what your objectives are before you set about doing it, rather than seeing it as being exciting and cool.”

He went on to say that many marketers have rushed through their plans, in order to boost followers and fans, often at the expense of longer term gains and increased ROI. Addressing the the Adobe Summit in London, Daisley was also asked for his views on failing Twitter operations.

Keyword targeting

High profile failures in recent months include Waitrose’s “I shop at Waitrose because…” campaign, which attracted a host of posts ridiculing its upper class reputation. Admitting that failures get more press coverage than positive drives, Daisley actually thought they did more good than harm, saying:

“…(whilst they) get more attention than when things go right … the truth is they breed caution, and this is probably not a bad thing.”

He used the summit to effectively launch Twitter’s new marketing feature, which will allow internet marketers to target their ads based on the thing people say on the micro-blogging site. It delivers greater relevancy to campaigns, said Daisley.

Calling on many well honed SEO principles, it will however boost quick responses to trends, which Daisley warned against earlier in his address.

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