5 tips for better content

5 tips for better content

OK, we have all seen those ’10 ways to make your life better’ and so on, so here is something that I have made, literally in the past 5 minutes, so expect it rough around the edges.

  1. Write about your industry – awards, latest news etc. Your content will naturally contain ontological keywords that Google will enjoy reading, helping you to better positions in its rankings.
  2. Write stuff that happens in your office. It wont help your rankings, but it will make the site more interesting. One my own favourite blogs contains a 50/50 split between industry news and watercooler talk in the office.
  3. Get all members of staff to write blogs. You will be surprised at the knowledge of your staff around the office. A junior office hand may just have some ideas that you had never thought of. It makes for a great content model for your site.
  4. Provide information! You would be surprised just how many company blogs out there are actually just advertisements for their products – pah. What a waste of a great medium. Get writing, giving tips, showing how to do stuff – it works. People like it, people link to it.
  5. Create top 5 lists like this. People seem to like bitesized information like this. You are reading this, right 😉

There you go, a quick post written in about 5 minutes that should give you some good tips for writing good content for your site.

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