3 ways to boost keywordiness

3 ways to boost keywordiness

‘Keywordiness’ may not be an official term, but it should be. When optimising your pages, it’s not just the presence of keywords in text that counts. Also important is the way the rest of the text on the page supports the keywords: its keywordiness.

A lot of sites miss the mark with keyword relevance, but you can boost the keywordiness of your pages in a number of simple ways:

*Stick to the subject. It’s no use sticking a ‘Wirral computers’ keyword into an article on politics. Google’s gurus have repeatedly said that keywords that stand out from content simply don’t work. Composing content that relates to your keywords boosts relevance by naturally placing related words all around your keywords.

*Play around with placement. Keywords don’t always have to be in the right order to catch Google’s notice. Play with the form your keywords can take.

*Brainstorm related words. Keywords are important in a technical SEO sense, but they need support. Brainstorming a list of expanded terms can make your SEO copywriting job easier, plus it boosts your keyword relevance.

Keyword placement can make it incredibly difficult to compose natural content. If you’re experiencing difficulties, or keep turning out content that is sub-par, sometimes the best thing you can do is stop trying so hard. A lot of content goes wrong when writers stress too much about jamming keywords in. If your keywords are relevant to your industry, you’ll find they naturally work their way in. Try writing first, then checking later.

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