3 tips to improve your online communication

3 tips to improve your online communication

Online communication has its challenges. Whether you’re writing content for a website, blog or making comments in an online community, it can be difficult striking the right note. In the absence of the instant feedback you get from face-to-face communications, here are some tips that can help:

1. Know your audience. Your subject is fascinating to you, but think about the people who are going to read your web content. Will they want a lot of detailed information, or will they be put off by too much jargon? Are you writing for a community that likes to use a lot of informal chat room terms? You can’t see readers’ expressions when they read your writing, so put some thought into the tone you’re setting.

2. Be available. The internet has made two-way communication the norm, whether through social media sites or comments on blogs and articles. You’re more likely to engage an audience if you invite feedback and comments, and it can help to spend time doing things like posting comments on other blogs or writing guest posts. Successful sites are often ones that manage to give the reader a feeling of being part of a community.

3. Stick to the point. There’s a lot of competition for readers online, and attention will wander if your writing isn’t organised or focused. Titles should be catchy and not too cryptic; your readers have to know right away that your writing is of interest to them. Professional article writers can help to provide writing that’s structured and stays on topic.

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