250 million users now on Facebook

250 million users now on Facebook

According to Facebook CEO (and one of the richest men in the world for doing perhaps the least amount of work during a day) Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook now has 250 million registered users.

Zuckerberg adds that Facebook has attracted an additional 50 million users in the last three months, and has landed an extra 100 million members this year. Unlike former king of the social networks, MySpace, Facebook’s users are all real as well as over half of them access the website every day.

The fact that Facebook has such a large, and dedicated, userbase makes it a dream for advertisers. Add to the fact that over two thirds of its users are from university backgrounds and you have the holy grail of target markets.

Zuckerberg adds:

The 250 million of you on Facebook today are what gives Facebook life and makes the site meaningful to everyone using it, so we thank you.

Facebook does have the problem of Twitter coming up fast behind it though, with Twitter’s userbase growing at twice the speed of Facebook. Twitter isn’t as sticky as Facebook though as Twitter received just 20% of the visits that Facebook received in June. Twitter received 23 million, whereas Facebook notched over 122 million.

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