Many individuals and companies wonder just how damaging poor spelling and incorrect grammar is for their blogs and websites. Addressing the concerns in a recent video, Matt Cutts said that quality is key.

It is a common understanding with SEO copywriting providers that poorly written content will put off potential customers. Moreover, if there are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, the way a company presents itself will always be badly affected.

By engaging the services of professional web writers – ideally backed up by an editing team that knows what it’s doing – companies can ensure their web presence maintains integrity.

However, web writers and editors often wonder how poorly written contributions from visitors affect page ranking and perception. There are often questions put to Cutts like:

“Should I correct the grammar on comments?”

“Should I not approve comments with poor grammar?”

Many also ask:

“Will approving comments with grammar issues affect my page’s quality ratings?”

In the video, Cutts seems rather amused by such questioning, going on to say that the comments of others are not really anything to worry about. He goes on to say they do not affect ranking.

However, he does then continue to say that a company’s own content – and the quality thereof – is important.

For those comments that are left by spam robots though, Cutts does suggest removing them. He then explains that it should be easy to spot these, much as it is to spot computer-generated news feeds against those provided by real people.

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