Yahoo calls time on chat features

Posted on December 9, 2012


Yahoo has outlined its planned to refresh its core products, with public chat rooms falling foul of the cuts. The feature, one of the first on the market back in the 1990s, will come to an end midway through December.

Other features, such as Pingbox and Windows Messenger will also be dropped. Further features will cease to operate in January too.

In a blog post, the firm said the move was being taken as they were not “adding enough value” to the experience of users. It also said that the removal of the feature was a tough decision, but one that had to be taken.

The ending of such features will allow the company to focus more on developing new tools and features across its portfolio. However, it will also free up valuable time and resources to direct to its core business.

Ensuring these products are strong is a clear aim of the CEO Marissa Mayer. In a recent interview, she said:

“I think one of the key pieces for Yahoo is getting really focused on the things that it’s great at.

“We’ve had a couple of really core, pillar products and then we have a lot of products that are smaller, that have occasionally been a hit, or been a hit in one market. But I do think we really want to have a global suite of products that are truly excellent. These are things like Search, Mail, the home page, News, Finance, sports…”

The focus on Search will be of interest to the SEO crowd. Presently, most optimisation is tailored for Google, so whether Yahoo comes up with any game-changers is questionable.

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